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What is Online Therapy?

Simply put, online therapy is the use of common technologies, such as video, phone, or e-mail to assist individuals in improving their mental and emotional well-being. In my practice, I only make use video calls so that we can have a visual encounter.

For clients to be able to participate in online therapy, they must have access to fast internet and a webcam. 


Is Online Therapy for Me?

Online therapy has become the new default modality for counseling and psychotherapy in the age of COVID-19 and will likely affect the world of therapy even after the pandemic is gone. 

This mode of therapy is in general ideal for clients who wish to engage in therapy from the comfort of their own home or while they are traveling. Online therapy may be a good fit if you (1) have an incredibly busy schedule; (2) travel a lot; (3) encounter health impediments that may prevent you from seeking face-to-face therapy; (4) struggle with severe anxiety and/or depression and find it difficult to leave your home; (5) are uncomfortable with the risk of being seen walking into a psychotherapy practice; or (6) are in a place where therapeutic services are not available. 

Online therapy is not suitable for all individuals, issues, or circumstances. Please schedule a free consultation to see if online therapy is a right fit for you.

20 minute consultation – no fee

Not sure if you’re ready to schedule? Let’s chat and see if we are a good fit. A complimentary 20-minute consultation is available online for clients to get a chance to meet me, ask questions about therapy, discuss their concerns, and get a sense of what online therapy is about.

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